About Us

In December 2004, as I was making a transition from a large IT Research firm, I decided it was time to provide quality consulting at affordable rates – thus Blair Associates was founded. With an initial focus on providing management consulting services to a wide variety of clients, we soon discovered a niche in providing that same quality consulting approach to companies of all sizes seeking Federal and state government contracts. Since mid-2005, that’s exactly what we’ve done – provided the best proposal response support possible.Acquiring Agency

Over the ensuing 10 years, we have supported businesses of all sizes in their pursuit of federal contract dollars. We have provided proposal support for responses to a number of agencies as shown in the table:

In addition, we have supported responses covering a broad range of subject areas to include Advanced Combat Helmets; Video Display Engineering, Radiation Identification and Detection Systems, Healthcare Systems, and IT Services, as well as others.

If any of this intrigues and you would like to discuss opportunities, please use our Contact Page to reach out to us.


Our site goal is twofold

To provide you focused information about our company To help you understand how that same type of focus can assist your organization with dynamic change.

Finally, consulting focused on your organization !