Our goal in working with our commercial clients is to help them become more efficient in their business processes. Increased efficiency nearly always equates to lower costs and lower costs result in a direct contribution to your business’ profit.

We provide a number of service offerings for our commercial clients. While these offerings may be tailored to the unique client situation, the following paragraphs provide a broad scope of service for each:

  • Business Process Reviews – These reviews can have a dramatic effect on your “bottom line.” Many times a small “tweak” of a process can have a substantial impact on the costs associated with that process. Using our understanding of industry “best practices,” our consultants will work with your staff to accurately describe the process, identify areas for immediate improvement, and help you develop a roadmap for implementing the required changes.
  • Business Strategy Development – Where is your business today, where do you want it to be in the mid- and long-term and how do you get there from here? This offering will help you answer these questions and provide a roadmap for your business to follow for future success. This offering can be tailored to cover an entire organization or any specific business unit as required.
  • Contracting Support – Our services will help you through the process of determining a negotiation strategy as well as help you define the “give and takes” necessary to negotiate the best contracts possible. Although we will NOT provide legal counsel we will provide “trusted advisor” advice throughout the negotiation process and will, if requested, sit with you “at the table” to assist your business efforts.
  • Project Oversight – We provide independent and objective oversight of projects through a “checkpointing” process. Periodically, our consultants will review your projects to assess how well they meet your budget and schedule restraints. We’ll review your contract and the deliverables to determine how well the deliverables meet the requirements. We’ll also work with your project team (both internal and external) to assess the actual status of the project. This is extremely useful for projects that our being performed by outside contractors as well as those they may be being by an internal team.

We also offer general business consulting for a number of other areas. Examples include organizational Performance Evaluation Processes, technology research, and project design.

Other services are available on an “as requested” basis.

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