We now are offering a new service designed for those organizations needing to know what their customers think about their services.

This service allows organizations to perform paper-based, telephone-based, or web-based surveys for entire groups of customers (or employees). For example:

You want to survey a select group of customers about a new product or service your organization is offering.

You want to gather information about employees who voluntarily terminate.

You have a specific area of your organization that you want to gather information on; i.e., radiology department in a hospital or service department in a car dealership.

Because survey information is best used to detect trends over time, we offer our best pricing for those organizations purchasing an initial survey and at least one follow-up. Additional discounts are available for those who contract for at least a year or more.

Please contact us via phone at 352-540-6129 or via email by clicking here.contracts@blair-associates.com

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