Marketing Services

We now are offering new services to assist web site managers with getting more traffic to their site(s).

Using Google’s AdWords,© we offer two services individualized for your particular situation:

We offer a training and initial setup service for those managers wanting to learn how to use AdWords but wanting some initial setup. This is the least costly and allows you the most flexibility. We’ll provide the initial AdWords setup and then let you manage the account. All billing is done directly from AdWords to you. The cost for this service is a flat $150.00.

The second service is a full marketing service where we setup the AdWords account and provide full keyword management. We will provide full campaign and key word management and then bill you based upon the number of clicks reported by AdWords to your site. Fees for this service are $35.00 for the initial setup, a $.05 surcharge on top of the AdWords click rate and a $10/month administrative fee after the first month.

For example, the first month’s cost for the set up of a campaign that generates 250 clicks at an AdWords cost of $.10/click would be:

Setup $ 35.00

Clicks (250x$.10) $ 37.50

Total first month $ 72.50

The second months cost would be $47.50 assuming the same number of clicks at the same cost per click.

Multiple campaigns can be run for an additional $5.00 per month admin fee with no additional setup cost.

We can work with a monthly advertising budget to tailor you the most effective web-based marketing campaign possible.

Just email us or call 352-540-6129.

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