We offer a number of different types of training designed to ensure that your staff is completely prepared for whatever the task at-hand might be. These training sessions are designed to provide:

  • Scheduling flexibility We’ll train at the location of your choice in the timeframe most conducive to your organization
  • Appropriate content Our staff will work with your organization’s subject matter experts to develop course outlines and materials designed to fit your particular needs. Or you can choose to have us deliver our standard courses in Large Project Management, Small Project Management, or Strategic Planning.

We offer the following training formats for our customized courses. Basically you tell us want you want trained, the preferred format and we develop and deliver the course to your specifications. That simple and straightforward. We deliver more complete instruction at a better price than any other training organization. Our training formats include:

  • Training by walking around. We’ll train your staff in class sizes no bigger than 10-12 people. Depending upon the course material, we’ll typically have two or more instructors – one instructor to deliver the material and one or more assistants “walking the class” to provide instant feedback and to help answer questions. The class duration is dependent upon the subject area and the depth of presentation desired – typically these classes will be 4 – 5 days in length.
  • T3. This is the traditional train-the-trainer approach where up to 12 individuals per class will learn not only the material but will be given practical instruction on the delivery of the material as well as “canned examples” to provide their students. This is the most economical way to reach a large organization or to provide on-going training capability. These clasees will normally last 6 – 7 days with the last two days being devoted to allowing the students to present actually training scenarios.
  • Individual tutoring. This offering is designed to provide 1 or 2 individuals “just-in-time” or “crash training” in a particular subject area. We immerse the student(s) in the material and insure they have a solid grasp of the material. These classes will typically be 2 – 3 days in duration with most of the time being “hands-on” for the student.

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