Working with us

One of our goals is to make our company easy with which to work. The following paragraphs outline some of our policies and procedures. We’re willing to negotiate most items, so long as the integrity of what we’re doing for you and our company are not compromised.

  • Contracts – We’re willing to work with your contracting office to work out any details necessary to get the deal done. From our perspective most contracting issues are really business issues. We ask you from the business side to help us work with your contract folks to obtain mutually agreeable contract language.
  • Billing Methods – We typically will do work under one of three billing methods as described below:
  • Retained Services – This is our preferred method. Under this model, we agree on a period of performance, a number of hours, and a average billing rate for all work performed. You then have the flexibility to use our consultants for any tasks you need accomplished during the period of performance. We invoice one-half of the retainer upfront and then invoice again when we reach 75% and 100% of the agreed to hours. Should the period of performance end with hours remaining, we will invoice for the remaining hours. This amount may be credited towards follow-on services of any type.
  • Fixed Price – We’ll give you one price for a detailed scope of work and will arrange appropriate deliverable-based invoicing. Under this method, we assume a much higher degree of risk and there is a premium for us doing so.
  • Time and Materials – We’ll work with you to define a scope of work and then negotiate an hourly rate for performing against that scope. We’ll invoice you on a weekly basis for the hours worked, providing a breakout of hours by individual.
  • Expenses – As a general rule, expenses for both Retained Services and Time and Materials contracts will be billed at actual cost. For Fixed Price contracts, expenses will be included in the fixed price amount.
  • Travel – Any round-trip travel time of more than 3 hours will be billed at the agreed to hourly rate under a Time and Materials contract and will be counted against the hours under a Retained Services contract. Travel time will be included in a Fixed Price contract.

Notwithstanding the above, should you retain our services under an existing contract, then the terms and conditions of that contract will apply.
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